Persona 5 Beginner's Guide: Early Powerleveling And Easy Yen

Persona 5 has become so popular that players are jumping in and clamoring to play the game. So, it's right to expect a steady stream of beginners, most of which are popping their Persona cherry. To help those Persona 5 beginners, here is a guide on the things that matter. How to powerlevel and earn money fast in Persona 5.

Persona 5 : How To Level Up Fast

Some beginners who play Persona 5 would love to play the game at their own pace but there are spots in the game that will let them level up fast. There are farming spots that a Reddit user found perfect for beginners who wish to level up early. This farming spot is in the second dungeon where players can arrive at a safe room called "Central Garden." They then need to go back to the previous safe room by fighting their way back against enemies that give 1,000 Yen and 60 EXP.

According to the Redditor, he found this route the easiest because the encounters are mostly Apsaras who can't deal damage to players directly. Enemies are also weak to bullets allowing the player to deal east "all-outs." Alternatively, players can exit and re-enter the room to fight only the group of five Onmoraki which gives 155 EXP and 1000 Yen per battle in Persona 5.

There is also a way to powerlevel in Persona 5 that is not mostly recommended for beginners. This is done by taking advantage of the Reaper in Mementos and going there at specified dates Nov. 13-15 and Dec. 8-9. Killing the Reaper will give the player 72,000 XP but the Reaper needs to be in the despair state, otherwise, this technique will not work. So it's important to check if the Reaper is in the despair state if not, this is where Hifumi's Breakout ability will come in handy. Simply escape and try again.

Persona 5 : How To Earn Money Early

This money farming method needs a bit of preparation in Persona 5. This method will garner the player 40 thousand up to 170 thousand Yen per run. To see how to farm money early in action, watch the video below.

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