Overwatch: New PvE Event, Insurrection In Full Details

Overwatch fans are up for a surprise as Blizzard finally introduced the newest PvE event in the game, Insurrection. The event was first leaked in a French trailer, which revealed how the game can be compared and contrasted from the previous Jankenstein's Revenge - which many thought of as the most successful PvE brawls in the game. Now, how will Insurrection par with the latter? Check out all the details down below.

Overwatch : Insurrection

In Insurrection, players will have to band together and stand their ground in King's Row against massive waves of Omnics. Just like in Junkenstein's Revenge, there will be multiple stages throughout the brawl. As players progress through the mode, new waves of robots will swarm the map alongside its bosses. As of the time of this writing, only the types of Omnics were revealed, all of which will be roughly described below:

Types Of Omnics

Raptors. This type of Omnic is very agile and moves very fast. They deal damage at melee range and should be dealt with as quickly as possible. When clump together, they can be eliminated easily with AoE attacks.

Humanoid. This type of Omnic uses guns to shoot down enemy players. Unlike the first type, this Omnic moves a lot slower. However, it deals significantly higher damage than its melee counterpart.

Tank. This type is the biggest of them all, capable of generating shields that will protect the rest of the Omnics. The shield works similarly to that of Reinhardt, able to absorb a large amount of damage and protect its allies from some status-altering effects.

Insurrection Mechanics

In Insurrection, players can choose among four heroes: Torbjorn, Tracer, Reinhardt and Mercy - each of which serves varying purpose throughout the mode. Just like in Jankenstein's Revenge, proper coordination and usage of abilities are imperative to overcome each wave. Note that a full guide will be available as soon as Blizzard releases the game mode in all region.

Insurrection Objective

The players' main objective is similar to that in the comic - escorting the EMP throughout the now desecrated King's Row map against the massive waves of Omnics. With how elaborate the new robots are, it is interesting to see how difficult the new mode will be.

Insurrection will launch on April 11 and will last until May 1. Check back for more Overwatch news and updates!

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