Here's How To Hatch Eggs In Pokemon GO Without Actually Moving

Just like any other games, players have found tons of ways to make their Pokémon GO experience easy. From cheesing their way to taking and/or defending gym battles to acquiring the rarest creatures -- these have been part of their journey. Apparently, there's actually a way to hatch eggs without having to move. How exactly does one do it?

In Pokémon GO, it's not a secret that players will have to walk certain distances in order to hatch eggs. They have the freedom to walk in different places (i.e. parks, schools, and malls, among others) as long as the required distance is met. However, no matter what perspective one will look, it's a bit tiring. This is most especially that the use of cars or motorcycles is not allowed, and if they do, they're likely to get banned.

Fortunately, as reported by Birmingham Mail, there is a way to hatch Pokémon GO eggs without moving anywhere. It's called the Rusty Cage's hack, which is done by placing the phone on top of a record player. Obviously, players will just have to spin it around, as this will automatically increase the walking distance overall. This is definitely a great workaround, as there's no need to go outside and walk or run.

Still, doing the acceptable mechanic in hatching Pokémon GO eggs is a lot more beneficial. Walking, in particular, can help achieve a healthier body and mind. Somehow, it affects the health of a person's heart and total well-being. Nevertheless, there is always the Rusty Cage option.

In related Pokémon GO news, a new update has arrived in the game courtesy of developer Niantic. Interestingly, there were secrets along its arrival. Data miners were able to discover a couple of key phrases, all of which imply some significant changes to the gyms, as reported by Forbes.

Among these discoveries, however, one stands out in the Pokémon GO patch -- the raid. There's a possibility that it's connected to the forthcoming arrival of the Legendary creatures, something that the studio promised to introduce this year. It is likely that the company will introduce them in specialized spawns and will have them appear globally. It will have an announcement that goes something like, "a raid is near you." This signals the arrival of the Legendaries in a particular area.

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