LG G6 Review: The Good, The Bad And The Takeaway

LG G6 is the latest flagship phone coming from the South Korean electronics stalwart. It is a world of difference from their 2016 release that did not catch on with customers. This review takes a look at the good, the bad and the takeaways from this new Android smartphone.

The Good

Perhaps the most striking feature of the LG G6 is its screen. The device looks much sleeker with smaller bezels. This gives way to a taller screen that allows the user to do more. Its 5.7-inch goodness dominates the body with a crisp display. That means colors and text pop whether the user is on Netflix, Facebook or any other application.

Furthermore, the larger screen offers several advantages. Time pointed out that LG G6 lets people see a preview of their photo right after they captured it. The device does this without having to switch away from the camera app and displays it at the bottom half of the screen instead. In addition to that, if a person likes to multitask, they would be able to split the screen to accommodate different apps.

That is only the first part of the review. No smartphone is perfect so coming up next is the look at the misses of LG G6.

The Bad

The biggest bad in LG G6 is its chipset. Instead of getting outfitted with a faster processor, the device ships with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. That is fine if somebody bought a smartphone last year. Those who obsess over specifications will not be happy with this. Samsung Galaxy S8 is launching with Snapdragon 825 in its heart and those who want the latest processor could go with the LG rival.

Nevertheless, CNet says LG G6 functions well even with an older chipset. The tech review website notes that despite the fact, the device still runs smooth. Apps launch and close promptly and the display was quick to respond.

Another thing about LG G6 that disappoints is its battery pack. Its predecessors had removable batteries that made them popular. The latest sibling in the brood did away with it that may be disappointing to longtime users.

The Takeaway

LG G6 is a great Android phone that is waterproof and has a taller screen. Its older processor might be a red flag for some, but it is still able to deliver a smooth use. Furthermore, its camera has new features that users could have fun with. However, for those considering this particular handset, they might want to see what its more touted and more expensive rival (Galaxy S8) has to offer.

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