More Overwatch Legendary Skins Arriving Soon; Kaplan Confirms Production

Overwatch has finally launched its brand new Uprising Event that brings tons of new additions to the popular first-person shooter. Apparently, it appears that fans of the game might be expecting more additions. As reported, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that three more Legendary Skins are currently in production and will be arriving soon.

Potentially, these new skins could be released in the next Overwatch. Jeff Kaplan confirmed on several Overwatch forum threads recently that three Legendary Skins dedicated to Sombra, Zarya and Hanzo will be introduced soon. However, it appears that Sombra's skin is the only one that has a release window among the three.

The said Sombra skin is expected to arrive in a few months. Meanwhile, the other two skins did not have any release date or events mentioned during the confirmation of their production. If these skins will be launched, it would be the first one for both Hanzo and Sombra as they have not yet received any legendary skins since their debut. The Demon skin from Hanzo and Peppermint skin for Sombra only had an epic rarity skin.

With the case of Sombra, it is understandable that she received a late legendary skin since she is a new character. However, in Hanzo's case, while he was included in the game's initial release, he has not receive anything yet. It appears his reputation must have been noticed since his first legendary skin is arriving soon.

On the other hand, Zarya is not new to these legendary skins as she received two in the last Overwatch Summer Games back in August 2016. At best, these new legendary skins must have been connected to Overwatch's upcoming events or major updates.

Seemingly, Overwatch already has a new event lining up after the current Uprising Event. The game's first anniversary is fast approaching, so it is expected that Blizzard might have something up on its sleeves.


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