Overwatch Update: How To Get All Uprising Event Sprays

Overwatch's new Uprising event is now live and will stay until May 1. It features a new four-player PvE game mode, news skins, emotes, intros and sprays. To get all of the cosmetics in Overwatch, players will be required to participate in the new game mode often. Here's a guide on how to get all sprays in Overwatch Uprising event.

Overwatch Uprising Event All Sprays

The new event sprays from Overwatch and Uprising event can be obtained mostly by getting the achievements. They are rewarded once the achievements and the requirement for them are met. The "Eradicator Spray" will be rewarded after getting the "Mission Complete" achievement, which is done by finishing the game on hard difficulty.

Finishing the game on expert level will earn the achievement "Unit Commendation." Getting this achievement in Overwatch Uprising event will reward the B73NS to the player. Finishing the game on legendary level will garner the achievement "Distinguished Service" and will reward the spray OR14-NS.

The Slicer Spray is a reward for the achievement "Handle With Care" in the Overwatch Uprising event. To get this achievement, players will need to deliver the payload while it has over 80 percent health on hard level. The Nulltrooper spray is rewarded to the achievement "Strike Team" which can be obtained by completing the game mode by using each of the four available heroes.

The last event spray to be obtained in Overwatch Uprising is the Nullmari spray. This spray is rewarded to the achievement titled "Replacements." Players can obtain by completing the All Heroes game mode using eight different heroes.

Overwatch Uprising Event Details

The patch that came with the new event for Overwatch entitled Uprising fixed a lot of issues in the game, as well as added a new game mode plus the new featured cosmetics. The event started on April 11 and will end on May 1, 2017. The update is sized 1.5GB and Uprising takes place in the story of the past during Tracer's first mission as a member of the Overwatch team.

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