Overwatch In Nintendo Switch Will Only Experience Hardware Limitations

Overwatch in Nintendo Switch is probably one of the most talked about topics within the community. While the debate of whether or not the game should arrive to the console is still ongoing, it seems Blizzard has finally made up its mind. Yes, that's right -- the game's very own director Jeff Kaplan has finally shed some truth about it. Unfortunately, for the expecting players, it's not happening.

According to Forbes, introducing Overwatch to Nintendo Switch is unlikely. Although there a plenty of reasons why, the studio pointed out one specific reason -- hardware limitations. It's really obvious, too, and even a layman can understand why such is being considered. Sure, the console is of excellence; however, putting a game like Overwatch on it is like a shot to the moon.

Kaplan, nonetheless, admitted that he and the rest of the team were interested in making it possible. After all, the idea of developing a process alone is already an interesting journey to experience. He iterated that among the challenges they have to face is the possible performance issues due to hardware capability being limited - let alone the work needed in order to "get on the platform."

The Overwatch director explained that "maintaining three platforms" while "patching simultaneously" are already a feat they need to conquer each day. If they are to add Nintendo Switch into the picture, things can only get worse for them. Kaplan pointed out that the console has no issue at all. The reason behind this is their decision to implement the minimum standards as their "base" for the game's console versions.

Twinfinite notes that Blizzard managing four versions of Overwatch will mean trouble. That even with the size of the company, doing such can be a burdensome. This, in one way or another, puts all the rumors or speculations about the studio bringing the game to Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, Kaplan said that they will remain "open-minded" and that ruling out any platform will not be their goal. For now, having the game to exist in the aforementioned console is not just possible.

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