Pokemon GO Easter Event In A Nutshell

Among the things players are excited about Pokémon GO are events. These have been the fuel that continues to spark interest within the community. That without them, there is a probability for the game to go unnoticed (which might be a ridiculous term to think). Well, this is exactly what Niantic is doing - releasing a brand new event for Easter. Here's everything about it in a nutshell.

According to SlashGear, the Pokemon GO Easter event begins today and is expected to drop the curtains down after a week. Of course, as expected, it is set to introduce a lot of beneficial things for the players to enjoy. It is worth noting, though, that it's already confirmed to introduce a boost in hatching eggs and acquiring experience points (XP).

In accordance with the Easter holiday, the current Pokémon GO event will significantly focus on giving rare eggs a bump. This means that players are more likely to acquire these once-in-blue-moon kind of thing eggs compared before. The only catch, however, is that Niantic has yet to officially specify what the exact changes are. Therefore, until that happens, it's best for players to discover these on their own.

Forbes, on the other hand, reports that the studio might also want to reduce the distances in hatching Pokémon GO eggs. After all, this is what most players are expecting. In a sense, why not give in for the sake of the community -- at least for this event only. Incubators and other items alike may also be offered in huge discounts. Moreover, players might see an increase in egg drop rates that happens in PokeStops.

Regardless of what Niantic intends to do during the Pokémon GO Easter event, it's definitely going to be interesting. And yes, the studio has proven this remarkable work in the past event such as the Halloween and the most recent Water Festival. Well, for now, it's time for players to do their own job in wild.

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