‘Dance Moms' Alum Chloe Lukasiak's New Book Reveals Backstage Issue On The Show, Cheryl Burke Praised As New Coach

The dawning of the new era for “Dance Moms” has started. Cheryl Burke’s first stint as the new coach of the show earned her praises from the network and the producers. Also, “Dance Moms” alum Chloe Lukasiak reveals why it was very stressful to work on the show.

Abby Lee Miller’s abrupt departure on “Dance Moms” is still talked about to this day. Miller might be strict and sometimes very demanding but without her mentorship, the show wouldn’t have gone this far. Technically, Abby Lee Miller is already out of the show but she is still under a contract with Lifetime. It was also reported that if Miller wishes to go back to the show, she is more than welcome to do it.

Cheryl Burke Getting Recognition

On the other hand, Cheryl Burke started his “Dance Moms” journey on a positive note. According to a source, the producers were moved about Burke’s leadership. The 3232-year-old is no pushover and is all about business. The network also described her as an amazing person to work with. The difference of teaching style between Abby Lee Miller and Cheryl Burke is also evident. The only problem is, there is no word if Burke will return for Season 8.

Chloe Lukasiak’s New Book Throws Shade At Former Mentor

Chloe Lukasiak just dropped her new inspirational book a few days ago and unfortunately, Abby Lee Miller was one of the topic. Chloe and Maddie Ziegler does have the same comment about Abby Lee Miller and the show. They both described it as a stressful workplace with constant fighting. Chloe also stated that Abby kept on mocking her eye and physical appearance which led her in making the decision to leave “Dance Moms”.

Multiple web magazines asked Chloe if she regrets leaving the show at the peak of its stardom. However, Chloe was defiant stating that she has no regrets with the decision that she made and was actually happy to leave the show as it opened up numerous opportunities for her career.

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