Here's Why Overwatch Uprising Event Is The Best One Yet

Currently, players from Blizzard Entertainment's popular first-person shooter are enjoying their Uprising Event experience. The new even brings new cosmetics and game mode to the game and the community are loving the addition especially the PvE mode.

According to the report from Forbes, several fans suggest that Blizzard should consider making Uprising a permanent feature in the game. Also, they said that more PvE modes should be created for every game's present maps.

Meanwhile, Uprising definitely separates itself from the previous game events such as Junkenstein. The latest event focused on Overwatch lore and the progression across a full map rather than a simple co-op mode that offers a relatively smaller scope. By this, the new Uprising Event could mark the beginning of Blizzard releasing an event's PvE which features a particular lore.

Apparently, the game's plot has a great potential to make the game even more enticing to the community. Fans were too hooked up and motivated to play the game through these tons of exciting backstories. It is expected that the plot will evolve moving forward and will feature additional flashbacks soon. For instance, Blizzard could add the state of Eichenwalde before it was infiltrated and became a complete ruin. Also, fans could see Reinhardt's backstory in connection with the event.

On the other hand, the upcoming mode might take players to Volskaya Industries, where they could take the roles of Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker. Perhaps, more characters could be added to the lineup. This was first seen during Sombra's official reveal via her own animation short.

If Blizzard considers adding more PvE modes similar to what they did in King's Row, it would be exciting enough since most of the maps already had a colored backstory. Overall, Uprising Event greatly impresses the game's community.

Nonetheless, it would be interesting enough to see how Blizzard would host the upcoming game events now that they already have an idea with Uprising's recent success.


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