Destiny Guide: Where To Find Xur This Weekend

If players are looking for something to spend their Strange Coins and Motes of Light, then they are right on the schedule. Xur has returned in Destiny. The Agent of the Nine has different special items to offer for those interested.

Where To Find Xur In Destiny?

Xur is always at his usual spot on the reef. However, there are players who get lost and unsuccessful in spending their Strange Coins and Motes of Light. They need to head straight to the Vault terminals and Postmaster, according to Game Rant.

After reaching the area, they need to go down using the stairs and go on the left side. They will know if Xur is around when the door is open but when it is locked, Xur must be roaming around somewhere. If they are not sure that they are on the right door, an indicator will signal them if they are close.

They need to make sure that they will not get lost when looking for Xur in Destiny. Especially if his appearance will only last from April 14 up to April 16. They need to be familiar with the path they are taking in order not to miss out The Agent of the Nine.

Xur's Special Offer

If players are wishing to buy exotic weapons, then Xur has them. As per Segment Next, the ACD/0 Feedback Fence for Titan Gauntlest will cost players 13 Strange Coins. Also, Bone of Eao and heart of the Praxic Fire has the same price of the Fence.

The Hard Light has a price of 23 Strange Coins while the Legacy Engram will cost them 31. Also, Xur will offer two different Heavy Ammo Synthesis. If they wish to buy three of those, they need to pay one Strange Coin but for 10 pieces, they will be paying three.

Next, if they want to buy five pieces of Three of Coins, it will cost them seven Strange Coins. Glass Needles have a price of three Strange Coins while the Emerald Coil and Plasma Drive will be 31. Lastly, they can also purchase Mode of Light for two coins and Exotic Shard for seven.

However, others are saying that buying anything from Xur will not be worth it. But if other players have more than enough Strange Coins they can spare, then it is up to them. Also, there are items from The Agent of the Nine that they can use while playing Destiny.

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