‘One Piece' Chapter 863 Spoilers: Hordes Of Luffy Clones Attack Big Mom; Luffy Encounters Monkey D. Dragon; His Mother’s Past Revealed?

"One Piece' Chapter 863 spoilers reveal that Luffy will continue to deploy his plan to assassinate Big Mom. In the previous chapter, the Yonkou was not successful in her attempt to assassinate the Vinsmoke clan. The previous chapter featured several clones of Luffy attacking Big Mom simultaneously. There are also some leaks saying that the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates will meet Monkey D. Dragon.

Could This Be Big Mom's End?

It seems that Katakuri, the second son of Big Mom, has met his match in Luffy. The pirate has so many things going on that it became difficult for the short-term 'prophet' to use his Haki to see the immediate future. In "One Piece" Chapter 862, Luffy has unleashed many of his clones and attack Big Mom. With so many Luffys attacking her at the same time, does Big Mom stand a chance?

Monkey D. Dragon Will Appear

Other "One Piece' Chapter 863 spoilers indicate that Luffy will meet Monkey D. Dragon. Fans will recall that this character has saved Luffy in the past. In the upcoming chapter, this mysterious but powerful character will reveal things to Luffy that the pirate never knew before. It appears that their meeting will happen after the pirate's assault against the Yonkou.

Many fans believe that Monkey D. Dragon is a very powerful being that can command the weather. This character also possesses a powerful thing called the Devil Fruit. He also plans to take down the world government using his amazing powers. In some spoilers of "One Piece" Chapter 863, he will tell Luffy the reason why he left the pirate, and perhaps convince Luffy to join his cause.

Luffy Will Learn His Mother's Backstory

However, other "One Piece' Chapter 863 spoilers reveal that Luffy might reject Monkey D. Dragon's invitation since he wants to pursue his own dreams. There are also some leaks suggesting that this powerful being will inform Luffy what happened to his mother. This could mean the manga will have a new arc that will feature the back story of Luffy's mother.

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