‘Fairy Tail' Chapter 531 Spoilers: Zeref Thwarts Trap For Acnologia? Natsu Unleashes Power Of Dragons

The latest chapter of the “Fairy Tail” manga has finally been released and the trap set up for Acnologia is finally put into action. However, it seems like things aren’t going as planned. Meanwhile, Mavis appears at last between Zeref and Natus’s fight.

Blue Pegasus And Fairy Tail Team Up To Destroy Acnologia

As revealed in the previous chapters of “Fairy Tail”, Anna Heartfilia has appeared just in time to deploy a trap for Acnologia. With the help of Blue Pegasus, Anna along with some members of the Fairy Tail Guild set up the trap that will cast away Acnologia in another dimension since there is no other way to defeat him. “Fairy Tail” Chapter 531 kicks off with Acnologia in his dragon form chasing Christina, which is Blue Pegasus’s airship.

However, things did not go as planned because somehow when Acnologia was lured into the Ravines of Time, he got out of it unscathed and even latched on to Christina. Anna is bewildered and realizes that the Ravines of Times was actually sealed. So, in order to take Acnologia off Christina, Blue Pegasus deactivates the ship's countermeasure for Dragon Slayers and Anna sets off to open the Ravines of Time.

Plot Twist Ruins Anna’s Plan With Ravines Of Time

In the last chapter of “Fairy Tail”, it was revealed that aside from Anna, Zeref was actually aware of the existence of the Ravines of Time all along. However, Anna does not know this and Zeref had no idea of the plan she had come up with it as well. Zeref was actually the one who placed the seal on the Ravines of Time as featured in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 531 and he did this because he has been saving up all the time magic in it for himself.

Just as Zeref was about to land another huge attack on Natsu, Mavis appears just in time to stop him with her own plan and calls out to him. Oblivious to Zeref’s own Neo Eclipse plan, Natsu tells Mavis to stay back as he unleashed another level of his power, revealing the highly acclaimed power of the dragons. Meanwhile, Lucy and Gray are away from all the ruckus as they pry into E.N.D., the book that holds the truth about Natsu’s life and as they open it, they come across countless accounts of his life.

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