‘Boruto': The Destroyer Of The Hidden Leaf, Kawaki's Identity Revealed?

The name Kawaki has been a mystery to Naruto fans since it was introduced. His image was finally revealed during the last few episodes but his origin is still not identified, until now.

Naruto Is Not Dead, For Now

When the news broke that Naruto was killed, the very first question was, who was the assailant. Was Naruto betrayed? Well, fans should relax as these news doesn’t have any validity yet. Naruto might die eventually but as per the latest storyline, the 7th is doing fine. The only problem is, the new villain that was introduced looks menacing and a lot stronger than Sasuke and Naruto. His name is Kawaki.

Kawaki’s Origin Revealed?

The origins of Kawaki has been one of the biggest mysteries on the show “Boruto: The Next Generation”. As shown in multiple clips and manga pages, Kawaki was standing tall over the Hidden Leaf. It also shows that the village is completely destroyed and everything is being pinpointed at the new villain, Kawaki. So who exactly is Kawaki and where did this ruthless villain come from?

Based on the image alone, Kawaki has the resemblance of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. The only difference is, Kawaki has this weird symbols and tattoos all over his body. According to a famous YouTuber who is exceptional in giving out spoilers, Kawaki might be created by a former enemy of Naruto. This was also supported by legions of fans in the unofficiaRedditit page of Naruto/Boruto.

Orochimaru’s Greatest Creation

Remember Orochimaru? Yes, the vile and evil enemy of Naruto plays a big part on Kawaki. Theories believed that Orochimaru created Kawaki using the DNA of both Naruto and Sasuke. This theory is very possible since avid fans know how Orochimaru does work. Orochimaru might not have fulfill his goal but using another entity which is Kawaki, his undying wish to live forever might be fulfilled by his creation.

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