‘13 Reasons Why’ Ending Explained With This Hidden Message

"13 Reasons Why" has turned out to be hugely popular. At the moment, all viewers are talking about is how Hannah Baker ended her life and why. However, in this sad teenage drama on Netflix, there is a hidden message in the end. Anybody who has not watched the complete series must be warned now that this article contains some serious spoilers.

Episode 12 shows a teenager is rushed to the hospital. It's not Hannah. She ended her life by cutting her wrists. This teenager is taken to the hospital for gunshot wounds to the head. It is Alex Standall. Now, there are two possibilities. One is Alex tries to kill himself. Before he is rushed to the hospital, the interesting part is that he cleaned his room. His strict father even complimented him for that. The other person who cleaned the room before committing suicide was none other than Hannah Baker.

According to WebMD, a person who is considering to commit suicide is expected to clean up their room. They might also leave a note why they are going to end their life. For Hannah, she left her suicide note in the form of those tapes.

"13 Reasons Why" shows a graphic portrayal of Hannah's suicide. According to some experts, it may be disturbing to some viewers. Dan Reidenberg from the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education is receiving calls from parents about their concerns regarding the show. "There is a great amount of concern in the suicide prevention community around this series," the Washington Post quoted him as saying.

According to Reidenberg, it is not easy for young people to separate reality from fiction. This is especially true for those who are already struggling with suicidal thoughts. Some experts believe that the Netflix show has failed to address the issue of suicide in a proper manner. Hannah, who struggled with her life and depressive thoughts, never approached her parents or friends to talk about it.

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