‘Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Court Sentence Almost Finish, Former Coach Lost Two Jobs And Denied A Travel Request

The former coach of the massive series "Dance Moms" couldn’t get any break. Apparently, with her impending fraud case just around the corner, it also cemented her career from showbiz. Worse, her travel request was squashed by the court canceling any of her projects outside Pittsburgh.

Abby Lee Miller’s Downfall

It is crystal clear that 2017 is not Abby Lee Miller’s year. When the 50-year-old mentor posted her tirade on Instagram, the fans were shocked about it. All this time, there was a problem on the show but none of them have voiced it out like the way Abby Lee Miller did. Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler already shared their experience on their respective books as both described the show as stressful and not an ideal place to work with.

Court Denies Miller’s Appeal

Technically, the final sentencing of her case will be on May 8th but it is taking toll already in her career. Abby Lee Miller has a scheduled event last Easter Sunday. However, it didn’t push through due to “uncontrollable circumstances” as stated by Miller. What the fans didn’t know is, the court just denied Miller’s appeal to travel to go to Brooklyn and New Jersey. It was stated that Miller and her representatives asked for the request twice already but the court already made their decision.

The event was all about providing detailed information on what is happening on her case and the turmoil she created on the show. Miller’s canceled project is also very expensive. Each ticket costs $65 with limited questions to asked. Abby Lee Miller’s case is already being finalized as reported. The 5 years of her going to the prison is a big possibility as the court denies numerous motion from her attorneys.

The producers of the show mentioned that regardless what happened with Abby Lee Miller, “Dance Moms” is still open for her return. As for her former students, they were glad that they are finally out of "Dance Moms". To this day, there are no confirmations if there will ever be another season of the massive reality TV series.

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