Final Fantasy VII Remake Toppled By Another RPG As The Most Anticipated Game

By Alessia Amherst , Apr 18, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

Final Fantasy VII Remake is no longer the most anticipated game according to a recent poll. Instead, Trails of Cold Steel III has captured the hearts of RPG fans.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Dethroned

According to GamingBolt, Japanese magazine Dengeki recently released a poll regarding the most anticipated games in the coming years. The Japanese audience has responded and the results are quite unexpected. While major titles from Square Enix like Kingdom Hearts 3 and the FF7R were on the list, these did not take the top spots.

Instead, the third game in the Trails of Cold Steel series earned the number one spot, which surpassed the supposedly highly-anticipated remake. While both games have very different launch windows, it still seems to be a bizarre result. Other titles like Dragon Quest 11, Omega Labyrinth Z, Gun Gun Pexels and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age also made it to the list.

Trails Of Cold Steel III Continues The Adventure

For those unaware, the ToCS series is also an RPG currently available on the Vita. The overarching series itself spans across different franchises each with its own respective story. In ToCS, players take control of protagonist Rean Schwarzer and his unique classmates as they get tangled in a political plot filled with school life and rebellion.

The third game switches up the formula and takes place after the events of the second game. While Rean will be playable once again, he will join new companions instead of his original classmates. For those without a Vita, they can play the first game on the PC soon, as per Gematsu. It is worth noting that this version will have around 50 percent more voiced dialogue.

It is still unsure if the publisher, XSEED Games, has a plan on importing the second game to the PC as well. For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Trails in the Sky III.

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