Overwatch Hero Genji Is Now Officially Part Of Heroes Of The Storm

There is no doubt that Genji is among the most loved characters in Overwatch. It is also not a secret that a good number of players hate him. Well, not because he is overpowered or such. It is simply for the reason that players who use him tend to mess things up. While that is an interesting topic to tackle, it is worth mentioning that he has finally arrived to Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.

The aforementioned Overwatch hero has long been rumored to be an addition to Heroes of the Storm. There was even a leak, which features the cyborg ninja, suggesting its upcoming arrival. Now, as reported by GameSpot, he's officially part of the aforesaid title.

Blizzard has just added Genji to one of the characters in HotS, with Lucio, Zarya and Tracer being the first ones. That makes him the fourth Overwatch character in the roster in the Nexus. However, the fun does not stop there actually. That's because the studio also added a new battleground, a reimagined home of the infamous Shimada clan.

As of this writing, the hero and the map is already playable in the beta version of Heroes of the Storm via the 2.0 update. In Overwatch, Genji is considered as the most hero with high-ceiling skill set that in order to use his potentials efficiently, one must be able to understand and utilize him properly. His only new skill in HoTS is the X-Strike (Heroic). The latter allows the character to slash his targets twice to deal massive damages. After 1.25 seconds, an area of effect deals more additional damage.

Polygon notes that Genji will still attack with shuriken, similar to what he is in Overwatch. He can swift attack an enemy and even deflect any incoming damages. This also means that his ultimate, the Dragonblade, is useable.

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