Another Reason To Love Overwatch Hero Genji

Almost all Overwatch players will agree that Genji is among the popular heroes in the game. This is a fact especially to those who main this character. Now, there is another reason to love the cyborg ninja even more. And with that, fans need to thank Blizzard.

According to GameSpot, the studio released a brand new comics -- based on the lore of Overwatch -- entitled Uprising (see here). This one here features the respective pasts of the heroes, somehow explaining why they have such characteristics. Apparently, it introduced a very interesting lore structure and character design for the aforementioned hero.

The comics basically circle around the crisis the Overwatch team is facing within London. They weren't only barred from intervening, they're also pressured to decide whether or not they should do something. Obviously, they'll chose the path where action takes place. This is where Genji is discovered, but this time with a twist.

The said Overwatch hero looks pretty cool and sleek while equipped with a design different from what players see in the game. It shows a bit of his muscles along with some parts of his face. And the eyes? They look lethal with the red color on them.

Kotaku notes that the interesting part here is the black logo that can be seen on Genji's armor. It's no secret that this is from the Blackwatch, a cover team headed by no other than Gabriel Reyes a.k.a. Reaper. This only confirms that the cyborg ninja has a deep connection with the game's villain. Apart from these, he shows a very different trait. If in the game he's known to be calm and peaceful, here he's not - he appears to be angrier, full of sorrows and hatred.

Obviously, this isn't the Genji that most Overwatch fans have known. It's the complete opposite, so to speak. Another interesting possibility is the likeliness of the character's design here to become a skin in the future. There's a chance that Blizzard might just do so.

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