'The Flash' Season Finale Spoilers: Will Barry Witness A Dark, Desolate Future? That And More, Inside

While avid fans of "The Flash" still has to wait for one more week because of its hiatus, it was found that before the show returns to CW, pictures of the next episode have recently been surfacing. Entitled as "The Once And Future Flash," photos showing the behind the scenes production of the episode is what's been causing some speculations about the highly anticipated season finale. Unfortunately, among these photos, what captured the attention of a lot of fans are the trio of photos that allegedly show Barry Allen and Detective Joe West's grievance at Iris West's grave.

'The Flash' Season Finale Spoilers

According to The Inquisitr, it was found that the most significant leaked item regarding the upcoming episodes for the scarlet speedster turns out to be a video footage that has been clearly taken from someone's phone. Apparently, the alleged video clip seems to show the entire crew working on "The Flash" season finale episode and that they're seemingly gathered together at an exterior location following a funeral. In addition, the fact that Jay Garrick is a member of this funeral group, a report suggests that the Flash has come up with a way to get him back out of the speed force.

Meanwhile, as per Inverse, "The Flash" season finale episode comes courtesy of Savitar, the God of Speed who wants nothing more than making Barry Allen feel like his fate was worse than death. Furthermore, despite losing hope on how to stop Savitar from killing Iris West, Barry will allegedly make a decision of running far into the future in order to find out exactly what happened. If the Flash doesn't stop him, a number of the show's fans say that it would be a possible future where Savitar is victorious.

Ultimately, another notable spoiler from "The Flash" season finale episode suggests that the last option might be the appearance of Barry Allen's speed force mother at the end of the sequence. Should this scenario push through, it should be noted that Barry has finally screwed up things completely for the time being that he'll be removed from the chessboard.


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