The Search Is Over, NES Classic Edition Discontinued Worldwide

Game over, folks. Nintendo just announced that the NES Classic Edition has officially been killed off. The hard-to-find video game console will be even rarer as production has been discontinued worldwide.

Everything started a few days ago when a Nintendo of America representative relayed to the media that supplies for the much-loved NES Classic Edition will only run until April. After that, the retro console will be discontinued. This was followed by Australia and Japan.

This time around, a Nintendo representative expressed to Eurogamer that the company will stop manufacturing the miniature console which goes by NES Classic Mini or Nintendo Classic Mini in those parts. Thus, with Nintendo of Europe making it official, the micro-console will now be unavailable really soon worldwide.

Those who are still without their own NES Classic Edition may find it even harder to get one unless they are willing to shell out four or more times its original retail price of $60. Ebay sellers are making a killing since the NOA announcement with reports saying the mini console is selling a unit for every two minutes. With that in mind, it's only a matter of time before all remaining stocks will be swooped up.

Of course, the immediate thought of everyone is what Nintendo could have been thinking when it came to the decision. Many speculations instantly arose with some claiming a new console, such as a mini SNES, is in the works and the reason why the company pulled the plug on the mini NES. Others speculated that

Over at Forbes, someone believes that the move is a brilliant one and is actually part of a well-thought strategy. Nintendo never intended the NES Classic Edition to be more than a collectible. This is why the company only had a limited supply. The retro console's popularity continued to rise despite the lack of supply or rather BECAUSE of the lack of it. With the NES Classic on the back of people's minds constantly, the Nintendo brand was also regaining its popularity. When it was time for the Nintendo Switch to be unveiled, people everywhere had already been programmed to be excited about the new Nintendo product. With the death of the retro console, people will now clamor more for the Switch. Hence, the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition is a brilliant manoeuver. Of course, this is the writer's thoughts. Nintendo has yet to answer such allegations.

There are some who are still holding out hope that the NES Classic Edition may get a second life. For now, the search may be over.

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