NES Classic Edition Stock: Where To Find Nintendo’s Discontinued Retro Console?

It is official, Nintendo is discontinuing the worldwide production and purchase of the NES Classic Edition. However, before that totally happens, Nintendo is sending out the last set of stock for shipments of the throwback mini-console. The last acquisitions of Nintendo's mini retro system are shipping to retailers this month.

The NES Classic Edition has always been a crowd favorite, but now that Nintendo discontinued the fancy console, shoppers are back to catching them up as fast as possible. On Thursday, April 13, Nintendo announced that the originally $60 classic console was no longer in production. And because of that, eBay members purchased the NES Classic Edition units at a rate of two per minute, as reported by Polygon.

A spokesperson from a third-party auction said that the going price that day was $332 per unit, or nearly six times the original retail price. As of now, the prices remain steady as observed this week, said eBay. The NES Classic Edition records the sale for an average of $325 per auction. These high prices are reminiscent of how much the nostalgic understocked item sold for on eBay back when it initially launched.

Meanwhile, as reported by the International Business Times, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart have been regularly stocking the NES Classic Edition. An interested buyer of the console should check out each store for physical purchases and try the website page for online ones. As for Amazon, it is advisable to make sure that a hopeful owner has a Prime subscription first. This Prime-exclusive subscription will alert members first regarding the stock of the console.

NowInStock, a product availability tracker, can alert the interested buyers to any changes on NES Classic Edition stock via text or email. BrickSeek, an alternative to NowInStock, also monitors stock of the gaming console at major retailers and can send alerts if subscribed. It is also best to read forums and gatherings on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and much more in order to keep on track.


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