PlayStation 4 Reportedly A Favorite Hiding Place Of Hideous Cockroaches, Here's Why

Not a few PlayStation 4 owners have noticed that their consoles sometimes have cockroaches sneaking in and out of them. Many have brushed that aside thinking that's just how its and that these pests are just everywhere. As it turns out, these hideous critters specifically love hiding inside the popular video game console for a number of reasons.

The idea that cockroaches like to make PS4 their homes was first brought up by Patrick Che, co-founder of XCubicle. The independent console repair shop owner noticed that many of his patrons had roach issues with their PS4s. In fact, they get at least one per week. Che came to this conclusion while he was analyzing the various types of repair done in his shop. As Kotaku reported, XCubicle is already cashing in on the problem by asking for $25 in payment as "roach fee".

The main reason why cockroaches are turning beloved PlayStation 4 consoles into their hangouts lies in the design. The PS4 has wider ventilation grates located at the bottom of the device which makes it more accessible to critters. Add the fact that it lies horizontally and is often left alone in the dark makes it the perfect hiding place. Cockroaches are also attracted to warmth. The PS4's insides get hot because of the internal power supply.

NESN noted that Sony is not the only video game console maker suffering from the disgusting roach problem. Apparently, Microsoft's Xbox One is also experiencing the same predicament. The Xbox One though is the better console when it comes to having fewer cockroach issues. Unlike the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One's power supply is located outside the console itself which means less of these roaches are attracted to it.

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular consoles today and Sony announced that it has sold 50 million units by the end of last year. The 50 million figure was reached on Dec. 6 and included both PS4 and PS4 Pro units sold worldwide. This means there are millions of gamers dealing with roach issues right now.

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