‘Quantico’ Latest News: Season 3 Uncertain? Show To Be Cancelled?

The latest tweets posted by Priyanka Chopra have sparked the fate of "Quantico" season 3. There are some hints of uncertainty in her recent tweets as Season 2 is about to wrap up. It seems that the future of the next season is uncertain.  Fans and observers alike are speculating that the show may be canceled altogether.

Die-Hard Fans Will Be Disappointed

Avid fans who follow every episode of the show will be disappointed if the show will be canceled. The "Quantico" episode aired on Monday unveiled the start of a conspiracy, especially at its explosive ending. This conspiracy story plot is so intriguing with all the collaborators being unmasked. However, their motive is still unclear. The latest news is that the next four episodes will reveal the reasons for their conspiracy.

Chopra Said It Is Her Last Official Week

However, the emotional tweets of Chopra, the main star of "Quantico" have brought the latest news about its Season 3 cancellation to the fore. In her tweets, Chopra stated that she has conflicted emotions while packing up her house. She also mentioned that it is her last official week in New York City "until next time."

This was interpreted by some fans as an unofficial announcement that "Quantico" Season 3 will be canceled. It spurred many followers of the show to use social media to ask Chopra about the future of the show. One fan who didn't want the show to be canceled asked the Indian actress if she will come back to reprise her role as Alex Parrish.

Season 3's Fate Is Uncertain

Some observers believe that Chopra may just be taking a short break. The latest news is that she will return to the U.S. for the promotion of her new show, the updated version of "Baywatch." The next episode of "Quantico" Season 2 will air on Monday on ABC. The second season still has four more episodes to go. Meanwhile, it is still uncertain if Season 3 will be canceled or not.

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