’13 Reasons Why’ Spoilers: Hannah’s Tapes Show Clay Is Responsible For Her Suicide?

Recent "13 Reasons Why" spoilers for episode 11 may reveal if indeed Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) is also responsible for Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford) suicide. Avid viewers of the show are aware that Hannah has left some notes about her suicide. Those notes were in the form of audio tapes. It appears that one of those tapes talks about Clay.

Is Clay Among Those Responsible For Hannah's Death?

According to the latest "13 Reasons Why" spoilers, the sixth tape of Hannah is addressed to Clay. Fans of Clay will be relieved to know that in tape six, Hannah says he is not one of the reasons why she committed suicide. Apparently, Hannah made her sixth audio tape to confess her feelings for Clay. She flatly says that he is not among her list of people who she thinks induced her to commit suicide.

"13 Reasons Why" is a Netflix teen TV series, but it is not the typical TV show for teenagers. It may appear to glamorize suicide, but it seems that it is not the intention of the show. The show is rather different since normally, suicide is the end of a person's story. However, this show appears to tell the story of Hannah the day when she ended her life. This is perhaps the reason why viewers are eager to read whatever spoilers they can get for its upcoming episodes.

Clay Has Always Been Kind To Hannah

In the spoilers of "13 Reasons Why" for Episode 11, Clay will be surprised to receive a tape from Hannah since he has always been kind to her. While she was still alive, he never did anything to hurt her because he loves her. Hannah is supposed to send the tapes only to those who are responsible for her death.

However, Hannah's tape to Clay in "13 Reasons Why" have provided the required respite from the usual morbid drama connected with suicide. She tells Clay that he is different from the others in their school. The bullying, ridicule, and prejudice experienced by Hannah in Liberty High are perhaps the specific things that this TV series is addressing.

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