Sony's PS4 Slim Comes With 1TB Now For The Same Price

Sony announced today that it would begin shipping 1TB versions of the PlayStation 4 Slim for $299 which is the exact amount of what a 500GB system cost before. More so, not one to waste a prime price-cutting opportunity, Sony's dropping the price of the old 500GB.

The company took to Twitter to make the announcement, promising the model with an increased storage that will hit the market this month. In a recent report, Sony confirmed to a source, that this is a permanent upgrade, stating that "1TB is the standard storage size moving forward in the US and Canada"; the company is no longer shipping the 500 GB units in those markets. The spokesperson added that Sony will still continue to sell 500 GB consoles in Latin America.

All users will be able to get the package with the console, a black Dualshock 4, and all the cables needed to get going. Still, that extra storage space is great, and that can be further expanded upon as all PS4 models now support external HDDs. Aside from a bump in storage and the slightly redesigned DualShock 4 that launched with the original PS4 Slim, the revamped PS4 remains the same.

Sony also announced it will ship at popular retailers which include Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy this month. Amazon is already taking the change into account by discounting its existing stock of 500GB units. As of writing, users can be able to get a 500GB slim for $254.96, saving around $45.

Furthermore, the PS4 Slim which contains a 1 TB hard drive is a great deal offered by Sony. Meanwhile, Xbox's Project Scorpio is prepping to take the wraps off later this year. Rumors have been making rounds on the internet, recently about Microsoft's upcoming mid-generation upgrade, and that includes its full specs, what its devkit looks like, and why it's coming around a year after the PS4 Pro.


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