Roaches Hiding In Consoles Explained

Probably, it would be such horror to know that there is something hiding within the pockets of a console. Apparently, the case is not a fictional thought anymore as recent reports state that roach problems plagued PlayStation 4 users.

Kotaku reported that the issue originated at an independent console repair shop located at Lower East Side of Manhattan. XCubicle, the independent shop, is a clean and well-organized business where residents admit their broken consoles for repair. Meanwhile, the shop's co-owner, Patrick Che, lists the kinds of repair issues that they encountered daily. These issues include coin inside disc drives and 3DS mods gone specious.

Apparently, Che then mentions regarding the roach bags, a black garbage bag found in the corner of the shop. He said that the bag was full of roaches extracted from the broken PlayStation 4 consoles. Che also added that the roach-infested PlayStation 4 consoles become common recently and they now charge a $25 roach fee.

It is noted that the shop receives at least one issue per week. Meanwhile, other console repairmen say that at least half of the diagnosed PS4s are full of roaches. Xbox One is not exempted on the issue as well. However, repairmen mostly receive more PS4s than Xbox Ones since PS4s have more population than the Microsoft console. Additionally, PS4 also has the utmost to offer as a roach hotel.

The report says that PS4s overall design accommodates roaches better compared to other existing consoles since its ventilation grids are wider. These vents are located below the console. As a result, roaches could get in easily. In addition, the inner chamber of PS4 tends to be hotter than Xbox One due to its internal power supply. This results to a great nesting ground for roaches.

The roach-infested PS4 is a huge problem especially that Sony will not offer a repair for it. Nonetheless, players are recommended to store their PlayStation in an open space, having enough airflow for the console to prevent this disgusting scenario. They should also put their console on an elevated area for roaches having a tough time to climb it. Lastly, keep the room organized as possible to avoid the nesting of these pests.


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