Yooka-Laylee Guide To Finding Pirate Treasure

There are many collectibles that players can find in Yooka-Laylee. However, not all of them are easy to find just like the five pieces of pirate treasure. Even if tough these are hidden, players should still aim for obtaining them, not for rewards but for getting three trophies called Private Pillage, Captain's Cache and Secret Salvage.

The first pirate treasure is found on Tribalstack Tropics. From the starter area, they must go left towards Rampo, the boss in that world. They must go to the back of the building and look for a set of fire blasters they need to pass through.

While hiding in the hole, they will also find three quills. However, they do not need to fight with Rampo. Instead, they have to stay away from him. To get to the treasure, they can fly or jump. They can find it under where he sits.

Next, in the Glitterglaze Glacier, they need to go to Gloomy Gem Grotto located underwater. Here, players need to swim and once they find a moving platform with a smiley face on it, they need to enter there. They should fly on the top of the room to get the pirate treasure.

At Moodymaze Marsh, they need to head to the pumping station. However, they should climb on the pipes to reach the pirate treasure. They can always use the Flappy Flight ability, as the said treasure is located on the top of the pipes, according to GamePur.

To locate the pirate treasure in Capital Cashino, they need to go to Capital B's spot and enter through it. Once inside, they need to turn around in order to see the treasure on the floating skull lamp. Fly towards the treasure to acquire it.

Lastly, at Galleon Galaxy, players should already expand the world first before they can access the Velocity Terminal. At the first stop, they need to make turn right to see a giant pink moon. They should enter the door to slide down the left slide.

After sliding, they need to use the Flappy Flight to fly towards a small globe. They will see the last pirate treasure in Yooka-Laylee there. It is important to get them all since every trophy in any game matters especially if they work hard for it.

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