For Honor Patch 1.05 Now Live For Xbox One And PS4, Details Here

Ubisoft has released the most complex update for For Honor, this time on PS4 and Xbox One after previously arriving on PC. The patch 1.05 aims to improve the gameplay to restrict cheaters from joining the matches, whenever they try to join again.

Upgrades In For Honor, Thanks To Patch 1.05

Patch 1.05 for For Honor has included a lot of changes especially with the Global Order finally in Daily Orders. In addition, players can now also access Contract Orders. Other than that, the update is focused on improving the fights in battles.

Warden's Super Block will now be seen when using the sword. It will also be effective with Kensei's Dodge. In Valkyrie class, the Guardbreak Cancel will not be part of Shield Tackle Cancel anymore. Ubisoft also updated Berseker's Heavy Finishers.

Players will no longer be able to pick up boosts at every round, as these will be available 20 seconds after the start. However, they should be alert because the time for picking up the boosts will be from one to two seconds only.

Bug Fixes Included In Patch 1.05

The fixes in For Honor that was released on PC before are still the same with PS4 and XB1, as per VG247. However, for players who are not familiar with the improvements, the said fixes include the Counter Groundbreak to not be affected with Debuff Gear Stat.

In addition, using Revenge will not be interrupted with emotes anymore. Players who use Warlord should know that every time they block external attacks while in full block stance will decrease their stamina. While fans of Lawbringer will also notice that their enemies will not fall on their backs every time they use Shove against them.

Ubisoft provided game balancing in gear stats in For Honor also. The maximum bonus is decreased from 48.2 percent to 32.1 percent. While the maximum penalty is now -10.6 percent, which was previously -16.1 percent.

Ubisoft has provided the much-needed fix for For Honor, as players have been commenting about the issues they encounter every time the play. Hopefully, patch 1.05 will be the perfect solution for all the problems in the game.

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