Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Makes iPhone Users Ditch Their Devices

The launch of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is inching closer and more comparisons to other devices are piling up. Most notable is the documentation of how Samsung's new flagship's camera fares against its most bitter rival, the iPhone 7. Undoubtedly, the South Korean tech company and Steve Jobs' brainchild are at the helm of the smartphone race. However, only one can come out victorious. So, whose camera takes the better pictures?

Flagship Shooters' Hardware

Galaxy S8, shipping soon on Apr. 21, features a 12-megapixel camera on the rear and an 8-megapixel selfie shooter. The South Korean electronics maker claims that their flagship's camera is able to better capture images even in low-light conditions. On top of that, the improved image processing technology in the smartphone reduces blur significantly compared to the S7.

Meanwhile, iPhone 7 has 12-megapixel and 7-megapixel sensors on the back and on the front, respectively. The device is also the most used for shooting photos on Flickr, Time writes. Its Plus version also has an additional lens that gives crisp photos even in zoom mode. In addition, there is a Portrait Mode that blurs the background of a photo.

Image Comparisons

Both the Galaxy S8 camera and the iPhone 7 camera may have similar image quality, but it's the former that has more contrast and saturation. Furthermore, when it comes to taking selfies, the S8's front shooter takes crisper photos, Business Insider notes. Plus, its wide lens means the user does not have to stretch their arms far for good photos of themselves. On the other hand, Apple's flagship offers less vibrant colors.

The iPhone 7 camera does have a broader range of colors but the Galaxy S8 camera is more dynamic. Because of that, the latter can capture photos on both ends of the dark and light spectrum. However, when it comes to zoomed in photos, the Apple brand smartphone is far superior compared to the South Korean make.

The Verdict

Apple and Samsung sure are the leading brands in smartphones. Their features and specifications do not pale when standing side by side with other brands. But when it comes to taking the best photos, even iPhone 7 camera users can testify that the Galaxy S8 camera takes richer and better images.

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