'Fargo' Makes A Promising Comeback! Here's Why

Following FX Cable's announcement regarding the return of Coen brothers' "Fargo" on the small screen, a number of fans were at first hesitant, thinking it would be awful. That said, considering the adaptation's creator who hasn't really done much, it came as a surprise when its premiere turned out not to be a straight remake. Noah Hawley, the show's writer-producer was allegedly able to come up with a sly and fond salute, capturing the mood and spirit of the original movie without borrowing any of its specific plots or characters.

'Fargo' Returns

According to USA Today, fans of the show were able to notice that Noah Hawley was able to create a more emotional hybrid, with a mix of the more intimate but smaller setting of the first saga.  In addition, Ewan McGregor is one of the newest characters in "Fargo" to watch out for as he turns in a bravura performance as one of the siblings on the feud. It was found that Ray's attempt to steal the stamp back is what will set the story in motion, which then creates the usual complications and unintended consequences, resulting to more intense twists and turns.

Furthermore, NPR reports that when Hawley and FX cable agreed to do a reboot, it was found that they have to start from scratch and do a second season of "Fargo" with new actors and characters. However, as it turns out, the second season of "Fargo" with Jean Smart and Ted Danson among its many treats, was just as wonderful and delightful as how the show went unpredictably good. In one of his statements, Hawley said that there's definitely a sense of the haves and have-nots that centers the show, as "Fargo" is about what people will do for money.

Now that the third season of "Fargo" is set to make its debut, more and more fans are getting hooked with their expectations being too high, rather than too low. Ultimately, apart from these exciting episodes, Hawley has teased the possibility that a character could return, just as a younger version of Season 1's Lou Solverson showed up early in Season 2.


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