Goodbye Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do App Hits Public Preview

Microsoft has launched a new application where users of the system can list their to-do list. That app is officially known as the Microsoft To-Do, codenamed as "Project Cheshire." As of today, it is available for public testing on the web, iOS, Windows 10 and Android devices. To-Do is set to eventually replace Microsoft's Wunderlist once the firm feels that the new app has “incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do.”

The new Microsoft To-Do lets users create simple lists of things, set reminders and keep track on specific projects. According to The Verge, To-Do app bears a striking similarity to Wunderlist. Accordingly, the new app even offers the ability to import existing Wunderlist lists, which is something that’s likely no coincidence since the 2015 app is nearly saying goodbye. However, Wunderlist to-dos and To-Do to-dos won't automatically sync and users should use an importer built by Microsoft.

The "My Day" feature is one of the big draws of Microsoft To-Do, which encourages all the users to focus on their daily tasks. This innovation offers a fresh list every day so that the users will be reminded on their priorities. Microsoft is planning to integrate the To-Do app with all Office 365 services, starting with Outlook Tasks. The firm is also planning to bring more features from Wunderlist to To-Do, comprising the ability to share lists.

It is well said on the original blog post of Microsoft that users would need to have an Office 365 Personal, Home, Business Essentials, Business Premium subscription in order to use To-Do. A spokesperson confirmed that anyone with a Microsoft Account could also use the new app even without having an Office 365 plan. As reported by ZDNet, users of To-Do lists can also be personalized and assigned emoji, which can easily tell them apart from the others.


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