NBA Playoffs: Boston Celtics Declared As The Worst No. 1 Seed In Playoffs History

Amidst their game 2 loss against the number 8th seed Chicago Bulls, a lot of sports analysts already made a statement that the Boston Celtics is the worst number 1 seed in NBA Playoffs history.

Boston Celtics' Amazing Regular Season Run

The Boston Celtics who showed their brilliance during the regular season captivated millions of NBA fans. Their style of play looks like the old Celtics on their glory days. If there is one weakness of the Boston Celtics, that would be rebounding. Like any other team, the Celtics are playing small ball which is not ideal in facing the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls might be the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference but they are not showing any signs of it.

Celtics Having Problems With The Bulls

The Chicago Bulls who have been counted out since the start of the Playoffs is making a statement against the heavy favorites. It is fully documented that during the regular season, the Bulls were having numerous issues with their players. Rajon Rondo called out Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade which seems to be the beginning of the end of the “Three Alphas”.

Former Celtic Rajon Rondo Is Leading The Bulls

However, in their last 15 games, the three superstars showed why they shouldn’t be taken so lightly. For the past two games, Celtics doesn’t seem to know how to adjust with Chicago Bulls. Not only they are bigger but they have a floor general that is very familiar with the Boston Celtics, Rajon Rondo. The uncanny point guard showed up in time when the Bulls were needing some directions. Rondo is showing the same numbers that he has while he was still playing with the Celtics.

Also, as per the numbers, the Boston Celtics are getting beat up in the rebounding column and second chance points. Charles Barkley said it best, Chicago Bulls is the worst nightmare of the Boston Celtics. Stephen A. Smith also agreed with his peers with regards to Celtics being the worst number 1 seed in playoff history.

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