Google Glass To Begin Shipping To Regular People

If you were lucky enough to win the privilege of paying $1,500 for Google Glass as part of Google's Explorer Program in February, Mountain View has some good news for you today: the 8,000 non-developers who won Google's contest will soon be able to place orders for their Explorer-edition Glass.

In a posting on its official blog earlier on Wednesday, Google announced the planned roll out and explained to Explorers what they will need to do in order to get their set of Google Glass:

"In February, we opened up the Explorer Program by asking people across Google+ and Twitter what they would do if they had Glass. We were looking for bold, creative individuals to become our next wave of Explorers - and wow, did we get them. Over the next few weeks, we'll be slowly rolling out invitations to successful #ifihadglass applicants. If you were one of the successful applicants, please make sure you have +Project Glass in your Circles so we can send you a message."

The 2,000 developers who've been working on Google Glass apps, or Glassware as it's been termed, have had access to their devices for a little while longer, with Google announcing last week that all had finally been invited to pick up their Glass at the company's offices either in Mountain View, Los Angeles or New York City.

According to Huffington Post, Google also sent out a tweet instructing Explorers to follow @ProjectGlass. The company will be sending direct messages with instructions on how to order a set.

While most if not all of the developers who were lucky enough to snatch up a set of Glass likely paid the $1,500 for it, it's less likely that 8,000 consumers will be as quick to shell out the cash.

What will Google do with the surplus units? Might there be a second round of applications?

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