Jinger Duggar Wears Pants Again And Does Not Care What Jim Bob And Michelle Have To Say? Jinger And Jeremy Do It To Kill Pregnancy Rumors?

Jinger Duggar is becoming one of those reality stars who easily make headlines because of her choice of outfit. Mrs. Vuolo once again wore a pair of pants despite receiving backlash from fans when she went out with her sisters wearing jeans. Countless speculations say that she is rebelling against her parents’ rules but there are some reports claiming that the reality star only intends to kill the pregnancy rumors involving her.

As soon as Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo and moved in with him in Texas last year, she already dared to explore things that might be new to her as she was confined for over two decades under her parents’ rules. She has especially waved the dress code rule set by her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, as seen on photos of her wearing shorts and pants.

Fans know very well already how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar treasure their family rules most especially their children’s dress code which was once questioned because of Josh’s molestation scandals during his teenage years. It was pointed out already for a couple of times how Michelle Duggar expressed her insight about the incidents where she reportedly believes that her daughters might have urged Josh to do the misconduct.

The Duggar daughters were practically raised wearing their traditional long dresses since pants were made for the male gender. Jinger Duggar Vuolo has however broken the rule of Jim Bob and Michelle on dress code, making a lot of people believe that she is rebelling against them. Earlier this year, a photo of her wearing a pair of short pants had a lot of fans label her a rebel. Yet, she stepped out again, this time during the Holy Week celebration, where she sported a pair of long pants.

Both fans and critics of the Duggar family then flocked on social media to discuss her choice of outfits now that she is independent of her parents. Her sister Jessa Duggar Seewald even became a recipient of numerous bashing since Jinger’s new fashion trend came very timely with the former’s announcement of her dressing modestly talk. There were even rumors that she got herself a tattoo which she is covering hence the need to wear a pair of pants.

It seems though that dissing Jinger Duggar Vuolo does not have much impact on her as a new photo came out on Tuesday where she is again on a pair of jeans. She posed next to her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, who shared the photo on Facebook. While a lot of people became more convinced that Jinger is growing careless and seems to not mind what her parents would think about her attire, some rumors claim that the married couple is doing so to extinguish the talks about them expecting their first baby.

There are those though who are not convinced enough by such reasoning, questioning why they should go to such measure to deny the rumors when they can simply announce that they are not. This has then left some of the Duggar family’s followers questioning the kind of influence that Jeremy has on his wife as she has reportedly become more liberated since they started to live together.

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