Sony A9 Out To Redefine The Future Of Digital Photography

Sony is pinning its hopes on the new A9 to help the company become a more prominent player in the field of digital photography. As it stands, the Sony A9, introduced at a New York event on April 19, may, in fact, change the whole scenery and topple the likes of Nikon and Canon in the process.

The Sony A9, dubbed by some as a "DSLR killer", belongs to the category of mirrorless cameras. Like others before it, the A9 ditched optical viewfinders and mirrors. The A9 went one step further as it also rids itself of the mechanical shutter. In its place, the new Sony camera makes use of an electrical shutter.

The electrical shutter allows a fast 20fps continuous shooting mode which makes the Sony A9 the perfect camera for action photography. In fact, it is highly recommended for photographers who cover sports. Speed is not the only impressive feature of the Sony A9. It also comes with a 24.2-megapixel 35mm sensor along with a Bionz X processor and an AF system with 639 phase-detection points that allow 93 percent frame coverage. The A9 is also capable of shooting magnificent 4K videos.

CNET also see the A9's size as one of its positive points. It has the right size that many camera enthusiasts and beginners alike will fully appreciate. It is not as large as current DSLRs which are quite burdensome when it comes to portability.

The Sony A9 is a game-changing high-end camera which is quite evident with its base price. According to Tech Radar, the body of the A9 costs $4,499. Though the price tag seems staggering, the A9 is actually worth every penny thanks to its innovative new features. Plus, DSLRs cost more.

The Sony A9 will be available for pre-orders starting on Friday. Shipment to the United States will commence next month while those pre-ordering from Europe should expect to get theirs by June.

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