Supercell Announces Clash Of Clans April Update, But There's A Catch

The Clash of Clans April update has long been in the rumor mill. Many believe it is going to bring tons of new exciting stuff, all unique to its kind. Finally, Supercell has made it all official. That's because the studio has already confirmed its arrival this month. Unfortunately, though, there's a small hiccup players will have to endure.

In the official Facebook page of Clash of Clans, the developers have announced the upcoming arrival of the highly anticipated update. This has been highly anticipated by players since time immemorial. And after a couple of runs in the rumor mill, it's finally official. The fans will be getting the most talked about update at long last.

Supercell noted that this Clash of Clans April update is unlike any other update they did in the past. That it's going to be bigger, though no specific details were provided as to what exactly. However, the studio opted to keep everything about the forthcoming update under wraps. That as much as it wants to share, the right time isn't now. So, in a sense, players will have to wait a little bit more.

On the other hand, it was reported that the said Clash of Clans update could bring the so-called shipwreck feature. It is worth noting that players have also been hoping to see the latter in the game, most especially with the hints or teases that surfaced. Add to this the fact that players are said to have discovered a button, though not working yet. It's said to allow players to change their respective villages.

The Clash of Clans April update will also bring changes to one of the game's spells, the freeze spell in particular. It's said to be reduced significantly to a mere 3,500 elixirs. There's no doubt that this is a huge tweak coming from Supercell. Why? That's because the spell currently requires at least 35,000. It seems the studio wants to make things easier for the fans.

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