‘Girlboss' Tells The Tale Of Sophia Amoruso; Show Highlights Bad Side Of Millenials?

Netflix has finally released its latest series starring Britt Robertson. The new series is centered on Sophia Amoruso's rise to business. However, not everyone is happy about it.

A Brief Review On Netflix’ “Girlboss”

Netflix just released its latest addition to its countless original titles and it is called “Girlboss”. The said series recounts the life of American businesswoman Sophia Amoruso. It focused on the part of her life where she ventured into the world of business, trying to make it big by selling vintage clothes on eBay.

Netflix made the series a comedy when everyone knows that in real life, it is difficult to try to get it out there and make a living. Britt Robertson portrayed Sophia and she did a great job of playing out her character, one that is opinionated, confident, hardworking, and does not have the time to apologize. She clearly put it out that Sophia in the series was a smug business genius.

“Girlboss” Reveals Bad Qualities Of Millenials?

“Girlboss” may have been a story with a moral lesson that unless one tries, they would never know whether or not they could succeed. However, not everyone thinks that the series did a good job at it and believes that it could have done better. It said that the show needs grown-ups for a change to actually realize how hard it is to jumpstart a living. The show did nothing but point out everything that’s wrong in the world today, thinking that one can get away with doing anything because they'd still be fabulous.

The new Netflix series didn’t give out that much good advice when it decided to portray Sophia to be a young girl who swindles clothes from vintage stores, sells them online for bigger prices, then cries because of money. Yes, life is hard but it is harder to take in a show where the lead says, “Adulthood is where dreams go to die.” The series did a good job though in showcasing how Sophia turned into a millionaire after launching her fashion brand, Nasty Girl, becoming the fastest growing retailer, but it should be noted that just last year, it filed for bankruptcy.

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