‘Attack On Titan’ Episode 29 Spoilers: Reiner Tries To Prevent Titan Invasion; 104th Division Facing Annihilation?

The latest "Attack on Titan" Episode 29 spoilers reveal that the titans will attack the soldiers of the 104th Division at night. But they are not prepared to face the giants. It appears that Reiner will try to prevent the Titan's invasion by himself. Will this be the end of the army as well as Reiner?

The Titans Are Attacking At Night

Some spoilers of "Attack on Titan" Episode 29 indicate that the 104th Division will face a very life-threatening situation. A group of Titans is poised to attack at night while they are unarmed. That could mean a complete slaughter at the hands of the flesh-eating giants. However, Reiner will try to catch the attention of the giants. This situation will make him recall similar memories from his childhood.

The title of "Attack on Titan" Episode 29 is "Soldier." In this episode, the soldiers of the 104th Division will reach the Utgard Castle as they are searching for the breach in the wall. They intend to rest during the night, but they noticed that there were Titans moving towards their location.

Will This Be The End Of Reiner?

The spoilers of "Attack on Titan" Episode 29 indicate that the soldiers will fight the Titans but it seems more and more of the Titans will be coming. They don't know how these monstrous creatures were able to breach the Wall Rose. One of the attacking Titans will challenge Reiner after the soldier saw some glimpses of his childhood memories.

It seems that Reiner will be faced with the fight of his life. Some spoilers of "Attack on Titan" Episode 29 suggest that this may be the end of Reiner's life. Will Eren be able to help him and the other soldiers escape? Perhaps the small titan featured in the preview who seems to attack the other titans may also help mitigate the situation. The question is: why is this small titan fighting the other titans? Answers to these questions may be revealed soon as this episode is scheduled to air on April 22.

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