Josh Duggar's Upcoming Court Hearing Might Force Him To Spill Everything About His Cheating Scandals

Josh Duggar will be attending his court hearing as he was previously served with a lawsuit, following his online deception during his Ashley Madison addiction days. He might, however, need to answer not only to his cheating scandals but also to his teenage molestation acts as the lawyer of Matthew McCarthy reveals the plaintiff's sufferings for being linked to a molester.

The fallen son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is being hunted by the mistakes he made in the past. Josh Duggar is being summoned by the court to face the charges pressed against him by the L.A. DJ, Matthew McCarthy. The eldest Duggar son was served with a lawsuit last March for wrongfully using McCarthy's photos on his several secret accounts on the Ashley Madison and OKCupid cheating websites.

According to McCarthy, he suffered terrible job losses because of Josh Duggar's poor judgment in using his identity on immoral sites. His lawyer, Michelle Iarusso, is then decisive to extract the extent of Josh Duggar's online deception and clear McCarthy's name in the hope to regain his old good life.

"We need to know if there are people out there who think that they have been in touch with our client because Josh was pretending to be him," Atty. Iarusso explains. It can be recalled that Josh Duggar admitted to cheating on his wife Anna through cheating websites. A hacker exposed the religious man's infidelity where a sexy star even stepped forward to speak about the intimacy that happened between them in 2015.

However, McCarthy's camp has another concern as Josh Duggar's molestation scandal also reportedly affected the DJ's attempt on getting employed again. "That makes my client's forced association with Duggar all the more painful for him," Iarusso said in a statement. "He certainly would rather not have been associated with a child molester. And prospective employers didn't like it, either."

People know very well that the United States despise child molestation. Following this, McCarthy said he suffered enough because of the sins of another man and now demands compensation for the grave damages inflicted on him by Josh Duggar's immoral acts. This is also expected to reopen the painful past of the Duggar sisters in the hands of their own brother Josh.

Josh Duggar is set to face McCarthy's camp in court on May 15. Some people are already foreseeing Josh to pay a heft to recoup McCarthy's losses. The camp of Duggar is yet keeping mum about the issue as Josh is reportedly focusing on being a father as he and Anna are expecting their fifth baby later this year.

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