Dell Unveils Its First HDR Desktop Monitor And The Display Is Superb

Today, Dell made a series of product and feature announcements which include full Hdr support for several monitors. Interestingly, the company proudly reveals the latest additions to its advance industry-leading monitor portfolio including the company's first HDR monitor that meets the HDR10 standard and two new high-end UltraSharp monitors with InfinityEdge displays which make a new entry into this division a noteworthy one. The latest monitor to join the HDR ranks is the all new Dell UltraSharp 27" display, the UP2718Q.

Vice president and General Manager, Dell Precision, Rahul Tikoo said,"With the emergence of industry-shifting technology, we're at an inflection point for building innovative products that empower creators to do what they do best - create!"

Spec-wise, the monitor boasts a peak brightness of 1,000 units and Rec2020 color coverage, which would be a great news for video editors. Dell is also proud of the UP2718Q's coverage over other color standards and that includes 100 percent Adobe RGB, 100 percent sRGB, 97.7 percent DCI-P3 and 100 percent REC 70. Comes with HDR10 support, which will enable the display to produce wide contrast between deep blacks and bright whites with compatible content.

In addition to the UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor with HDR10 display, Dell is also announcing a pair of its InfinityEdge design displays targetted at consumers. More so, Dell also took the chance to reveal some more impressive monitor offerings alongside the UP2718Q. It will be making both 25- (U2518D) and 27-inch (U2718Q) InfinityEdge displays, however, they won't feature such wide color gamuts or HDR visuals. This is reflected in the much lower prices, as reported by a source. Dell didn't provide more specific details when it comes to terms of specifications for these monitors.

The UP2718Q will be available from Dell in the States on May 23rd for a towering price of $1,999.99. Meanwhile, the 25-inch U2518D and 27-inch U2718Q will be available in the middle of July for $499 and $699, respectively with slimmer bezels and InfinityEdge displays.

With more company like Samsung, Dell, LG, Philips, and Benq competing and investing in the 4k display technology, the prices have come down significantly and these days you can buy a pretty good 4k monitor under $300. PGB monitor reviews some of the top choices in the market for best 4k monitors you can make in 2019.


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