Delayed Ark: Survival Evolved Easter Event In Console Isn't New

Events, among others, are what excite players the most. Think about all the boosts, bonuses and even discounts involved, making games even more interested than before. Unfortunately for Ark: Survival Evolved fans; they are in a very different situation, and apparently, this isn't entirely new to the community, contrary to popular belief.

It's no secret that console players of Ark: Survival Evolved will be celebrating Easter way too late (a week late in particular). It's called Eggcellent Adventure and is expected to arrive on PlayStation and Xbox One today. It's worth noting that the event came to the console a week after the PC release and, more importantly, a week following the real-life Easter event.

However, as reported by Kotaku, time-sensitive events such as the aforementioned getting delayed isn't really something new in Ark: Survival Evolved. It's even deemed as a common thing in the game's console version. Last year's Halloween event also came a bit late while Thanksgiving, albeit the other way around, was celebrated way too early.

Fortunately, around Christmas, the devs of Ark: Survival Evolved have finally aligned their calendars. The Christmas event came on time along with Valentine's Day even being rolled out on the same day as it's celebrated in real life. Unfortunately, the Easter event is going back to the old roots of being delayed.

It has been said that Studio Wildcard isn't entirely fond of creating various Ark: Survival Evolved events. Although they are quite aware of the benefits and excitement involved, the developers are pretty much more concerned with working on significant updates. They would rather work on developing the game's very core, which is their main priority. Nevertheless, it is still a good thing knowing that the Easter event has finally made its way to the game's console version.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, a player posted on Reddit a detailed list of glitches he has discovered in-game. The user, which goes by the username of Jamesplash, suggests that a number of exploits in the game are very alarming. Worst? No one from the video game company seems to look into these issues. One significant glitch is where players can pick up 300 items, suggesting that there is no weight limit in the game.

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