Studio Wildcard Introduces Latest Ark: Survival Evolved Community Contests

There's no doubt that Ark: Survival Evolved has one of the liveliest communities of recent memory. Hence, it's not a wonder if Studio Wildcard decides to reciprocate. And how exactly does the video game company do it? Well, that's by way of introducing a good number of community contests -- all of which are worth joining.

In the official forum site of Ark: Survival Evolved, one of the community admins by the name of Jat announced the arrival of this week's community contests. All of these are made available for the entire community to join. And yes, this means that all platforms are included where possible. With every contest, players have the opportunity to "win lots of cash prizes."

The first on the list of Ark: Survival Evolved community contests is the ARK NVIDIA Ansel Photography Contest. Here, players will be asked to take various in-game photographs from either the game or the newly introduced desert-themed expansion pack Ark: Scorched Earth. What's the catch? Well, they simply have to use the NVIDIA Ansel.

Studio Wildcard also introduced a new kind of contest in the Ark: Survival Evolved community contests. It's called the Procedurally Generated Maps where players will be able to showcase their own creations. And take note, the prize involved here for the winner is the $100 worth Steam Gift card. For the runners up, they have a consolation of $50 cash. The interesting part here is that their maps get to be featured in the upcoming set of Official Extinction server maps.

Next on the list of contests Ark: Survival Evolved players can join is the ARKitech. For every survivor who's able to build an astonishing structure(s), they'll be given an award. The first prize is $200 while the runners up get to acquire $100. Lastly is the ARKVideo, which covers all sort of videos -- be it funny, scenic or epic, among others. Winning this contest is synonymous to a $200 cash prize while runners up can acquire $100.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, a player on Reddit posted what appears to be a bug. It appears that he is trying to place another set of metal ceiling, but to his dismay, the game doesn't allow it. "Too many structures nearby," a prompt says. Other players say that it's not really a bug and that it's exactly how the game does things..

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