Here's How Ubisoft Dishonored For Honor

When For Honor was first released, it quickly became a favorite in the world of gaming. Players all over the world saw it as one of the best fighting games in history. However, in just a couple of months, its player pool started declining. And why such mishap happened? Ubisoft, that is. Fans have been clamoring about the studio's incompetency in releasing updates and even fulfilling promises.

It is safe to say that For Honor is experiencing the kind of drought Tom Clancy's The Division (another title from the video game company) had in the past. Fortunately for the latter, the developers were able to redeem it in one way or another. However, for the latest title, everything's still a work in progress.

One of the biggest mistakes Ubisoft did to For Honor is removing a good number of maps. In fact, they made this unannounced -- no one saw it coming really. Think about the High Fort and the River Fort, both of which are no longer part of the list. As a result, players are limited in their gameplay experience. They are confined with the same places over and over again.

Apart from the aforementioned, For Honor is also heavily infected with bugs. In all honesty, this in particular has been the Achilles' heel of the studio, with Tom Clancy's The Division being the epitome. At first, the bugs were quite acceptable. However, in the long run, these have become annoying to the point of breaking the very core of the game. For players who invested time and money, this is completely unacceptable.

Also in the same line with bugs, connectivity issues have also become a nightmare for every For Honor player. This is said to be due to the video game company's insistence in terms of having a robust Peer-to-Peer networking system. As a result, players are getting kicked all of sudden. At first, they thought the issue is with their own connection. They later found out that it was indeed a problem rooted in the studio's structures.

While the aforementioned things are true, it can't be denied that the For Honor developers are trying their best to bring the hype back. Take for the example the newly released elite outfits, all of which involve each of the class in the game, as reported by PVPLive. Although, Ubisoft still needs to do something significant if it really wants to keep the game's momentum afloat.

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