'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Photos Spark Theories About Jaime Being The True Hero Of Westeros? Littlefinger And Sansa Form An Alliance?

"Game of Thrones" is about to return to the small screen in July and it recently released a set of photo teasers that is fueling countless theories about the new season. The photos featured the central characters of the series and a small detail about Jaime Lannister might make him the big hero of "Game of Thrones" after all.

A theory based on George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Fire and Ice" about the dragon-riding trio that will save Westeros resurfaced because of the released "GOT" season 7 teasers. It can be recalled that fans have long been debating about the third rider that will join Daenerys in saving Westeros. The book noted about the Dragon Queen's vision where her brother Rhaegar spoke to her about the dragon riders.

In the vision, Rhaegar told Daenerys about the "prince that was promised" who also happens to be his son. After all the theories, "Game of Thrones" season 6 revealed Jon Snow to be that prince. Now, a third rider is being searched and it seems that the promo photos just pointed out on who the third Targaryen is.

Upon scrutinizing the photos, fans might easily put their attention on Jaime Lannister remaining loyal to her sister and romantic partner, Cersei. Reports would talk about their alliance in an impending war or how Jaime will soon detach from the new queen. The sword that he is holding though in the photo signifies another story for other "Game of Thrones" enthusiasts.

Going back to the theory, it is said that the "prince that was promised" will carry a shiny sword called Lightbringer. The sword then that Jaime carries is said to be the Lightbringer which he will use to wreak havoc before he puts it into good use. This then sparked another theory that Jaime will betray Cersei once he finds out his true purpose to Westeros.

Also, there were previous speculations that Tyrion Lannister is a product of Joanna and Aerys II Targaryen's affair. The new theory though claims that it is Jaime who has the blood of the Targaryen and not his brother Tyrion. With all these pieces formed together, fans are close to believing that Jaime is the third rider that will join Daenerys and Jon Snow in claiming back Westeros.

Other interesting revelations can be picked up from the "Game of Thrones" season 7 promo photos. Daenerys has landed somewhere but fans are not yet sure where she and her crew arrived at. Littlefinger, on another photo, can be seen scheming and it looks like he is up to something with Sansa Stark who is said to betray Jon Snow.

Much is being leaked about the "Game of Thrones" season 7 but nothing is still confirmed. The penultimate season is to be released on HBO on July 16.

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