Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.09 Adds New Features For Regalia

By Kim Chan , Apr 24, 2017 09:39 AM EDT

Final Fantasy XV will be receiving another patch update next week and it will add new features primarily in the Regalia and for PS4 Pro users. Here are all the available information for patch 1.09 including the highly anticipated decal on Regalia.

Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.09

A leaked update, translated on Reddit, provides brief details about the upcoming contents for patch 1.09. The whole leak can also be seen in the video down below, which includes the return of Timed Quests, a new Menu optimizations and a Stable Mode for PS4 Pro users. According to the info, these are just the tidbits for patch 1.09 and that fans should expect more from the update. Players should expect the patch update on April 27. For more details about the update, check down below:

Stable Mode. This update is exclusive for PS4 Pro users and it hopes to improve the FPS issues that plagued some fans in the past. The mode should augment the FPS problems that were more pronounced in Episode Gladiolus.

Timed Quests. Timed quests will be returning on April 27 along with new and exciting features. One of the new features will be the Luxury Weapons, which will be rewarded for players that will complete certain quests. A snapshot of one of the Luxury Weapons can be seen in the video down below. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Square Enix will be adding new quests for this event.

Final Fantasy XV: Regalia Update

Patch 1.09 will also add Tera Battle songs for the Regalia, following the recent FFXV & Tera Battle Collab. These will be the three songs confirmed to be added to the Regalia MP3 Player:
剣と槍と弓と (Ken to Yari to Yumi to): A Battle Of Teamwork, 絆 (Kizuna): Bonds (?)(Kizuna is composed by Nobuo Uematsu-san specifically for this collaboration) and 全てのために (Subete no Tame ni): For All (?).

Regalia Additional Decal

Aside from the aforementioned songs, patch 1.09 will also introduce Tera Battle decal in the game. One of the snapshots for the upcoming decal can be found here and the entire translation on Reddit here. Check back for more Final Fantasy XV news and updates!

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