Finally, Kamiko Will Be Available In The West This Week

Fans of Japanese culture in the western side of the globe should get ready, as Kamiko will be released on Nintendo Switch this week. The game will be about Shinto beliefs and considered as one of the best arcade game created by an indie developer.

According to Destructoid, the game will cost about $5. Players do not have to wait longer for Kamiko because on April 27, one of the best arcade games will be available for Nintendo Switch.. Nevertheless, they can access it a little early if they want to.

They can buy Kamiko on Japanese Nintendo eShop with the same price. The game will feature three priestesses since it is based on Japan's religion. In addition, they will be fighting with demons as they arrive at the final stage to defeat the boss.

However, before they manage to battle with the final stage boss in Kamiko, they will be solving puzzles to open different Torii gates before reaching the last level in the game. They must also find a way to go to the area where their last enemy is located.

They will be using different weapons to defeat their enemies in the game, as per Nintendo Insider. Each priestess will have her own weapon given by God in order to survive the battle against the forces of evil in Kamiko.

Though Kamiko is quite short for an action-arcade game, players will be shocked because of a twist they will not be expecting. However, it will not be compatible with VR that will soon be part of Nintendo Switch as reported.

Skipmore's latest action-arcade game, Kamiko, is considered as one of the hottest games players can enjoy in Nintendo Switch especially since there are limited games for the hybrid console.

To give everyone a preview, check out the Japanese teaser trailer below.

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