OnePlus 5 vs Moto G5: May The Best Budget Flagship Win

Samsung Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly the best new flagship phone in town. It has a brilliant display accompanied by fantastic specifications. But its starting price of $720 is off-putting to most people who'd rather put the bulk of their money elsewhere. That is why it is a huge relief to know that there are flagship phones that do not break the bank, like the upcoming OnePlus 5 (or 4) and the Moto G5.

The Moto G5 And What It Offers

Motorola's latest handset is already making smartphone critics go "wow." But it is not just its inexpensive asking price that makes it appealing. In the UK, it will set back a consumer £170, according to CNET. The U.S. and Australian costs are not yet confirmed, but in conversion, the Moto G5 should retail in the two countries at $220 and AU $289, respectively.

With that price tag, a person gets a full 5-inch HD screen with a 1920x1080 resolution. That makes the icons and the text on the display appear distinct. It may not have the resolution that premium flagships have, but for an affordable phone like Moto G5, it works well. However, it is not so bright, leading to difficulties seeing the screen display under harsh lighting conditions.

Further, the phone is backed by a metal case that is commonly found in top-tier handset designs. It fits comfortably in the user's hand and its fingerprint scanner is easily accessible, situated below the screen on the front. It also functions as a home and back button, giving one piece of hardware plenty of functionality.

The Moto G5 cameras are 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel on the rear and on the front, respectively. They take good enough photos that a user wouldn't be ashamed of posting on Instagram.

Meanwhile, on the inside is an octa-core processor. It is no match to much more powerful chips like what the LG G6 has, but it is capable of running everyday run-of-the-mill applications. Plus, the 2,800mAh battery is enough to last a person through a day.

OnePlus 5 Rumored Specifications and Price Tag

OnePlus 5 is the most anticipated flagship phone from the Chinese subsidiary of Oppo. There are no official specifications for the smartphone yet, but reports point to a 5.5-inch Quad-HD display, PC Advisor writes. In that regard, it already trumps Moto G5.

As for the camera, OnePlus 5 is said to have only one camera on the rear. However, that lone shooter would be either be a 21 or 23MP one and would be complemented with optical image stabilization (OIS). Though selfies may be a tad difficult, users would still get high-resolution photos.

Further, the handset is expected to ship with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835. Rumors also suggest that processor will be complemented by an 8GB RAM, making it a fast and powerful smartphone. Its battery is not something to sneer at either. At 3,500 to 4,000mAh and with dash charge, the OnePlus 5 can last an entire day of use.

And basing on the pricing of previous models, OnePlus 5 should still be affordable below $500.

Talking about the price here alone, it is clear that Moto G5 is a winner. It may not have the best processor around inside it, but it is perfect for everyday usage.

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