Elon Musk Is Working On A Consensual Telepathy; Latest Details Inside

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, laid out his plan to introduce a project wherein a human brain can be linked with an artificial intelligence. This merging is to prevent robot-like syndromes which he believes could lead to an apocalyptic event. “If I were to communicate a concept to you, you would essentially engage in consensual telepathy,” Musk said.

Neuralink, Musk's new company, will initially seek to treat disabled people, especially if it is brain related. However, eventually, the main goal will be to upend human communication using brain interfaces. Rather than describing difficult-to-explain concepts and ideas, you could send an image from your brain to another human in order to explain it. According to Musk, each of us has a bunch of concepts in our head and our brain is trying to compress into this incredibly low-data-rate called speech or typing.

Musk believes that if a human has two brain interfaces, he/she could actually do an uncompressed personal and conceptual communication with another person. As reported by New York Post, the technology that Neuralink is trying to produce could take about eight to 10 years to become usable for telepathy and non-medical uses. The main concept is to create a specific way for people to engage in "consensual telepathy."

On the other hand, earlier this week, Facebook announced a very similar plan trying to merge the brain with computers. The biggest social network's secretive hardware group, which is called Building 8, said it's working on a brain-to-computer interface. This to make it possible for people to type 100 regular words per minute directly from their brains, according to CNET.

Latest Development Of Neuralink

A Neuralink spokesman and even Musk declined to comment further about this rivalry. The American startup firm had been registered as a medical technology business last summer, but development in the largely untested biotech area is slow-going. This is mostly because implanting anything in the human brain involves brain surgery which is said to be invasive and potentially dangerous.


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