‘The Walking Dead' Season 8 Spoilers: Negan Could Be The One To Kill Rick

“The Walking Dead” series was able to redeem themselves last season when they provided some episode that the fans have been requesting for a long time. Unfortunately, Season 8 will be different as this might be the last time fans will see Rick alive.

To this day, fans are still shocked with the way Glenn and Abraham were killed during the pilot episode of season 7. Fans have voiced out their dismay and anger towards the producers but the storyline was already done. The last episode of season 7 also provided some hints on what is going to happen in season 8. One of them is the abduction of Sasha which Negan will use to lure Rick. It has been rumored months ago that Rick might not be able to survive season 7 but he did. The only problem is, that might not be the same case with season 8.

Ricks’ Death Teased By EP

When the executive producer of the show was interviewed by TV Line, Scott stated that Rick Grimes is willing to sacrifice himself in order to provide a quality life for the people that he loves. He stated that Rick is pretty much aware of the cost if he will fight Negan and he is already tired of running away. With that said, Rick will not only put his life on the line but Michonne, Judith, and Carl will be in trouble as well.

Season 8 Might Be The Last For ‘The Walking Dead’

Like what had happened with Glenn and Abraham, Negan might kill Rick in a savage way. It is still not clear on how Negan will be able to get Rick but it is a guarantee that Negan will use Sasha. As for the entire series, the executive producers are still tight-lipped on whether or not season 8 will be the last run for “The Walking Dead”.

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